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Teahouse Comics News and Events

I hope everyone is safe and warm. Just some updates, the 4th Ed. Monday game is postponed until 3/9/09 due to safety concerns with driving in possible icy conditions after game. Upper Deck has cancelled the VS. line of CCG's, we will continue the Friday night games as long as supplies last. That being said we are considering new games for the Friday night game sessions. Please let us know what you are interested in. Shelley is going to be starting up a Saturday afternoon Magic game sessions for very soon!!! We are looking for Magic Judges to Oversee these events. Please keep watch for Announcements. It looks like Marvel has stopped printing new editions of Spider-Man #583 (the Obama Edition), but there are many other companies that are also publishing Special Presidential Comics/issues as well, also the current Previews is soliciting the Alex Ross Obama T-Shirt. If you want one then you must order by by March 14th. Keep in mind all Preview orders have at least a 2 Month turnaround. Finally, in case you missed it, on March 21st we will be running a Dungeon & Dragons Players Handbook 2 Release Game Day. Three gaming rounds will be held, 2-3hr Convention style, seating is limited, please contact the store at (404) 252-3994 to claim a spot. There are two sessions at 2pm - 5pmish, and the last session starts at 6pm-and rounds till 9pmish. Let us know which one you want when you call; once a game starts we will not be able to let anyone join. There is prize support from Wizard for the players! Be Safe and Happy!
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